Change Image without reflashing the whole system

Is there a way to change AGX Xavier /boot/Image without running command?
We could replace our own TX2 /boot/Image directly on TX2 and without running command.
But we could not do that on Xavier.

We have a device on Xavier carrier board and need to use our own Image to enable the device.
Our customer expects to change the Xavier Image without re-installing their whole system.

Thank you for any advice,

hello HuiW,

you’ll need to use flash script to update Xavier’s kernel image as formal steps.
according to the console flash messages, please note that Xavier was actually using boot.img with sign and encryption.
you may also refer to documentation, Jetson AGX Xavier Boot Flow, and Secureboot chapter about the file encrypt.
for example,

[  97.8654 ] Writing partition kernel with boot_sigheader.img.encrypt
[  97.8686 ] [................................................] 100%

please refer to Topic 1044296 for the steps to encrypt boot image,
you should also working with to generate an encrypt boot.img
then you’re able to use the dd commands to update Xavier’s kernel remotely.

Hi JerryChang,

Thank you for your fast support.
We will test it and update the results.