After kernel build, a specific directory is created

To build the kernel source manually, referring to the site and proceeding in the same way, the build was successful.

I don’t think it’s a problem, but after the build, the hardware directory is created as shown in the picture. I just want to prevent that directory from being created. What part do I need to modify to solve it?


[Here’s how to build and set it up]

  • The jetson linux version is 35.1.
  • I set cross compilation and kernel out path in the script and ran
  • The picture below shows the location of the build script, kernel source, and the generated hardware directory.

What’s the context in this folder? binary/temp files?

Are you talking about the content produced by unpacking the kernel source? Or are you talking about a directory which shows up on a running system based on a feature?

Thanks for the reply

“running system based on a feature?” I don’t understand what you mean. In any case, when the following command is executed, the compiled kernel is written to the kernel_out directory.

$ ./ -o $PWD/kernel_out

However, separate from the compiled kernel written in kernel_out, an additional directory marked in blue is created as shown in the figure below. (In the created directory, there is only a directory and there are no separate files)

I just build on command line without that script, so I can’t answer. On the other hand, is it correct that those directories are not part of the kernel source itself? The kernel source itself comes with “in tree” source (the kernel itself), plus “out of tree” source (used by some kernel configurations). If it is part of the source tree, then removing the content would mean you could no longer compile features related to it. On the other hand, if this is a result of compiling, then just don’t use the extra content (or build manually without the script). Is there a reason you don’t want that output to occur, e.g., saving time or disk space?

It is considered “out of tree” as the build can be done even if the directory is removed. The purpose of the inquiry is to check whether the directory is the problem or not.

Having the official NVIDIA content isn’t a problem. Many people will never use that content, but if it is present, then it is possible to build content specific to some NVIDIA features. Most “output” steps put in subdirectories which “might” get content, but often are just empty.

If there is a problem, then you might want to add more details. Just having output directories in itself does not indicate a problem.

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