after NVidia driver install lightdm overwrites xorg.conf

Hi there.

With a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04(LTS) I can use apt-get
to fetch and install nvidia drivers for my laptop (GTX870M)
– I think it install version 304.XX.

Boots fine, runs fine.

When I down load and install either 346.35 or 346.47, the
install goes fine, but on reboot lightdm overwrites the
xorg.conf file and tries to point to the on-board Intel
processor (the new NVidia drivers +are+ loaded).

I don’t think this is an NVidia problem, and I’m not sure this
is the right forum… but if anyone has ideas/help for getting
a more current version of driver running on my laptop, I’d
love to hear about it.


did you install it manually or using a ppa like xorg edgers?

When I use APT-GET to get the 331.37 drivers from one of the default
repos, then everything is fine.

When I download a driver ‘RUN’ file and install it that way, that’s
when things go south w/xorg.conf