After the car is powered on, it cannot enter the system and remains in the uboot stage

Yesterday, I just learned some basic uboot commands and set some environment variables to save. However, after the board was powered on again today, it was unable to enter the ubuntu system and remained in the uboot stage. I don’t know why I couldn’t enter the system even after changing the environment variables back. It’s probably not due to an SD card issue. I’ve been plugging it into the motherboard and haven’t touched it before

You’ll need to get a serial console boot log:

Serial console has the ability to log a session, so you’d start logging before you power on the Jetson. This can show what goes on even before Linux starts.

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It was resolved yesterday. I just learned the uboot command and used the setenv bootcmd pci enum command to activate the network card; PCI has been added to the uboot startup environment variable, causing the network card to be activated upon startup and unable to access the ubuntu system

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