Jetson Nano Failed to Boot, Always Restart

Hello, I am using Jetson Nano Development Kit and succesfully flashed several Jetpack OS to the SD Card (Using Etcher and Rufus), I always stuck at the u boot, it cannot run the setting GUI, the system will restart after a while and then stucked again, after that it will restart again. How can I solve this problem? I have checked every forum thread and it does not help. Is my jetson nano broke?

Hi nicozhou,

What power supply are you using?
If you change others SD card, issue still exist?
We can check power supply and SD card first, to make sure it’s Jetson-Nano issue or not.

I am using 5V , 2A power supply, is it enough? or I need to change to 5V, 4A. Because it seems that there is no problem with the power. The SD card I used can be used on other devices like Raspberry Pi, but it cant be used in Nano. Will try to change it, and also is it possible to first boot using TTL ? Or should I always use a monitor?

Hi nicozhou,

The 5V-2A power supply is enough.
After flash image and first boot up, you need setting init process on monitor.
If you don’t have monitor, please user oem-config to setting.
After flash finished and connect micro-usb cable, open the /dev/ttyACM0 on host machine to start setting, please reference detail from L4T documentation.

I successfully install the OS at version r32.1-2019-03-18 and used a 5V 3A power supply and the same SD card, which is the old one. Why is this happened? I installed various versions of OS yesterday(4.3 and 4.2.1), the boot took so long and never showing the Ubuntu GUI.

I am just curious why this happened to my jetson nano. Is it the OS problem?

You mentioned that I can use user oem-config, when should i enter that command if I use TTL connection to nano?

Hi nicozhou,

No idea why…but I think you can try again with the latest image, r32.3.1 (JetPack-4.3) and connect monitor.
The SW OS is no issue, please download again and try.

The oem-config setting is via micro-usb cable (the same with flash cable), after flash finished, use “/dev/ttyACM0” on your host machine to start the oem-config setting.

Hi, nicozhou!

I have been failed to Boot and Always Restart. So many times.

I have 6 Jetson nanos. It have been happened All Jetson nanos.

In this situation, you can just check SD card load.

when linux start, linux load kernel and I/O etc and you can check using HDMI.

For me, maybe cannot load storage /dev/mmcblk0. I think mmcblk0 is main partion.

Actually, This problems are happened instability of sd card. so, we have to change U1 or U3 sd card.
U1 or U3 sd card also happened this problems but It is better than nomal sd card.

I recommend sd card format and re-install OS or buy the emmc model.

emmc model is good solution in this situation.

Good luck!