After the communication serial port is powered on, it can be used as a debugging serial port

jetson nx jetpack4.6

We made our own NX carrier, The hardware development engineer said /dev/ttyTHS0 is a communication serial port,

Then I brushed the official image without any processing,

当系统上电后, /dev/ttyTHS0输入用户名和密码居然能登录,我该如何设置,让这个设备仅仅作为一个通信串口使用呢

When the system is powered on, /dev/ttyTHS0 enters the user name and password and can actually log in. How can I set this device to be used only as a communication serial port

Some people say I need to disable the login process,I don’t think so

I don’t know how to configure it

hello 392415830,

please try to disable nvgetty, for example, $ systemctl disable nvgetty
you should also reboot the target for confirmation, thanks

I’ve solved this problem. Thank you. Just disable this service

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