Agx device tree location?

Model : Jetson AGX
kernel version : 4.253

The kernel source was downloaded Jetson Linux R32.6.1.

Added Ethernet driver.

The device tree needs to be modified.

Device tree not found.


Tegra194 is not found.

Is this folder correct?

Is this device tree correct?
Is this the correct file to add an Ethernet drive to the device tree?

So your ethernet phy is changed and different from the devkit?


Which ethernet phy do you use?



Is the agx device tree folder correct?

Partially correct. You better tracking the code from knowing which dtb is getting flashed to the board first.

Thank you.

Which is the Ethernet PHY device tree file?

I want to modify the Ethernet PHY chip, but I can’t find it.

Search eqos in the device tree.

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