AGX Orin can't get from FPGA output MIPI 4lane 1GHz

We use the FPGA output MIPI 4 lane 2ch video(1920x1080xP30/YUV422) to AGX Orin CSI-0 & CSI-2 on our customer carrier board.
The Jetpack version is 5.1.2.
The block diagram is:

If FPGA MIPI data rate is 1GHz, and AGX Orin can’t see 2ch video (all green screen) by gstreamer, but it could see 2.13fps messgae in gstreamer log.
I attached the dmesg, trace, gstreamer log.
gstreamer_log_20240429_01.txt (7.9 KB)
dmesg_log_20240429_01.txt (134.7 KB)
trace_log_20240429_01.txt (78.8 KB)

If we try decrease FPGA output MIPI data rate to 800MHz, and AGX Orin could see 2ch video(1920x1080xP30/YUV422) by gsteamer.
How to setup AGX Orin to get video from FPGA MIPI data rate 1GHz?

What’s the pix_clk_hz/serdes_pix_clk_hz in device tree?
Did you boost clocks to try?

We set pix_clk_hz=“186250000” in device tree.
I had bootst clocks to get trace_log_20240429_01.txt.


echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/vi/mrq_rate_locked
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/isp/mrq_rate_locked
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/nvcsi/mrq_rate_locked
cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/vi/max_rate |tee /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/vi/rate
cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/isp/max_rate | tee  /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/isp/rate
cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/nvcsi/max_rate | tee /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/nvcsi/rate

echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/tracing_on
echo 30720 > /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/buffer_size_kb
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/tegra_rtcpu/enable
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/freertos/enable
echo 2 > /sys/kernel/debug/camrtc/log-level
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/camera_common/enable
echo > /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace

echo 2 > /sys/class/video4linux/video0/dev_debug

echo file vi2_fops.c +p > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control
echo file csi2_fops.c +p > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control

echo file vi4_fops.c +p > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control
echo file csi.c +p > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control
echo file csi4_fops.c +p > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control
echo file csi5_fops.c +p > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control
echo file nvcsi.c +p > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control
echo file v4l2-compat-ioctl32.c +p > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control
echo file tegracam_v4l2.c +p > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control
echo file channel.c +p > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control

Didn’t look like receive any validate data from MIPI bus from the trace log.