Jetson AGX Orin MIPI CSI-2 Capture Issues

Hello there. Recently I’ve successfully modified Jetson AGX Xavier MIPI input to accept data from FPGA board without I2C communication. Now I want to do same thing on Jetson AGX Orin platform. With the help of these topics, I created /dev/video* nodes:
Jetson AGX Xavier 4 CSI RAW Input From FPGA
Jetson AGX Xavier MIPI CSI-2 without I2C from FPGA

But Orin can’t capture data properly. When I boost the clocks, Orin sometimes capturing data but in the other times it doesn’t. Here is my device-tree files and modified OV5693 driver: (10.9 KB)

And here is the trace log and dmesg log file:

trace.log (127.1 KB)
dmesg.log (12.1 KB)

My FPGA board sends 1280x720 resolution data at 60fps and RGB888 format. It has 2 lane MIPI-CSI2 output at 800 Mbps data rate. How should I proceed?

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Could be the timing cause below error.

  • LP sequence error. normally, it should follow by LP11->LP01->LP00->LP11 sequence. so, it’s more like a hardware issue.
     kworker/4:1-74      [004] ....   381.846533: rtcpu_nvcsi_intr: tstamp:12667658502 class:GLOBAL type:PHY_INTR0 phy:0 cil:0 st:0 vc:0 status:0x00000088

I’ve tried several “pix_clk_hz” values. But none of them seems to work. How can I check Orin’s hardware for any issue?

Please check the sensor HW and consult with vendor to check the power sequency and MIPI timing.


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