Unable to get MIPI camera data stream

Hi all,
I have developed a camera sensor driver on Jetson Xavier Orin Kernel 35.1. The camera driver is successfully probing. I2C communication is running successfully. There is no problem in writing and reading to registers. But when I try to get the camera stream with v4l2-ctl, it failed.

Then I got the trace log.

hello HuangZeng,

CSI it’s not receiving frames.
there’s PHY interrupts according to VI tracing logs, but I cannot tell what’s going-on since your screenshot did not catch the error data

hi JerryChang,

Here is the full trace log.

there’s an error detected on data-lane. it’s error with the LP sequence, it’s more like a hardware issue.
please examine the LP sequence, normally, it should follow by LP11->LP01->LP00->LP11 sequence.

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