MIPI camera on the Orin Nano Devkit is unable to capture images due to the pulled-down LP voltage level

When the same camera module is connected to the Orin Nano, the LP voltage level in the MIPI signal (normally 1.2V) is pulled down to 0.8V-0.9V, resulting in the inability to capture video.
However, when connected to the Orin AGX, the amplitude is normal, and image capture works properly.
Please note that the MIPI signal of the module is sourced from the FPGA, and the circuit output structure is as follows:

PS: I am using JetPack 5.1.1. This camera can be successfully connected to other Jetson boards except for Orin Nano and Orin NX (Orin NX also uses P3509 as the carrier board). And I believe the dts is correct.

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Connect to which CSI port?
Please add lane_polarity=6 in device tree if connected to CSI0(serial_a)


Of course already add lane_polarity in device tree.

Hi, how did you connect camera to camera connector of Orin NX/Nano? The camera connector of Orin is different to Orin NX/Nano. The Orin NX/Nano devkit has been validated no problem on the camera input. If possible, please use a regular sensor module instead of a FPGA source to have a try.

I am using a 15-to-22p FFC cable for the connection,and I am sure there are no hardware issues.

Additionally, the camera has successfully connected to all previous versions of Jetson Nano and Xavier NX.

Moreover, the camera can also be connected to the AGX Orin via an adapter board.

Based on these three points, I believe that the issue is related to the design of Orin Nano.

Please review the LP voltage level phenomenon that I initially mentioned. Thank you.

We did not meet such issue on Orin Nano before and never received such failure report from other customers.
How many devkits have you tested?

In additon, are you using P3509 or P3768 board to Orin NX/Nano? They are different on lane mapping of CSI0/1 port and on PWDN pin design.


I’m sorry, I have identified the cause of the problem. Because this board requires a 15-to-22pin FFC cable, the FFC cable I used was too thin, resulting in a large voltage drop. Please close this post.

Thank you for your prompt response.

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