AGX Orin Industrial MODULE_POWER_ON (L54) voltage and PU/PD requirements

We have a custom carrier board for AGX Orin Industrial. Power-on is controlled via EFM8 MCU.

Question 1:
The design guide shows 5.0V CMOS on MODULE_POWER_ON, but our board provides 3.3V CMOS direct from MCU (as was supported by AGX Xavier Industrial). Our board does power the Orin, so I’m wondering if 3.3V CMOS is okay or will there be issues anticipated? What is the voltage requirement on L54?

Question 2:
The design guide shows internal and external pull-ups to 5.0V in the power block diagram (Fig 5-1) for MODULE_POWER_ON. It also shows pull-downs before and after the level shifter in the power-on button circuit (Fig 5-7) for MODULE_POWER_ON. This seems inconsistent. Is this an error in the guide and which is correct?

L54 is 5V pin, you can use it without other pull up voltage since it is pulled up to 5V on module.
It is a 100k weak pull-down and the level shift is single direction, so the level shift design has no problem.

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