AGX Xavier Pricing & Resources

I have some questions regarding the price of AGX Xavier and the membership of the Nvidia Developer Program. Here are 2 links I would like to share with you- and

here the prices shown are different. I want to know what could be the reason and is it possible to know the Official price of Nvidia AGX Xavier.

Another question is If I buy the AGX Xavier from the given Amazon link, how can I be a member of the Nvidia Developer program, I mean what procedure I will have to follow then and also how can I access all the resources of the AGX Xavier.

We are a team from Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh. We are making preparations to participate in Formula Student UK in the AI segment in 2021. We think Nvidia AGX Xavier will be the perfect match as the AI computer in our car.

Hi tasnemulhasan.nehal,

It looks that you’re looking for information of Jetson AGX Xavier so I’m moving your topic to from “Drive AGX” to “Jetson AGX Xavier” forum to get better response. Thanks!

You might want to look at this URL:

The higher price is from when the unit originally came out. This price is out of date. USA prices may differ from that of units sold to non-USA locations. Note that at the top you have several choices of where to buy from, but not all choices support purchase at all locations around the world.

Thanks for the help. Now I understand.
Another Question I would like to ask that We submitted a form from

like 2 weeks ago but no responses came yet. We sent it from authorized Education/Work email. I wonder what could be the reason! Should I send it again?

Hi tasnemulhasan.nehal,

The price of DRIVE Platforms is confidential. Agreements are required to access our DevKits.
Customer will only know the details through our account manager/Sales channel.

Hi, We tried to contact your sales team through a form but we didn’t receive any response yet. Is there any email to contact them directly?