Unable to access DRIVE AGX Platform software

I tried to get access to DRIVE AGX Platform, but it always rejects my requests saying “insufficient information”. Month ago, I opened a ticket and gave my corporate email, but nobody gives me any suggestion what can I do or who can I contact to get access to Drive platform.
Today support team suggested to post this problem on this forum.
I’ll appreciate any help in solving this problem.

Dear VadymI,

NDA is required for DriveAGX access.
Could you let us if you have an NDA with NVIDIA?
If you have an NDA, could you please contact your local NVIDIA representative for confirmation?

Thank you for your response.

What type of local NVIDIA representative do I need contact to?

I live in the New York area, is this in the “locations”: 41 East 11th Street Suite #61 New York, NY 10003 - there is no phone there. Or sales, or Partner? What type of partner?

Thanks again,

Dear VadymI,

Could you please refer to below link first?

Hi SteveNV,

I tried to get access to "NVIDIA DRIVE™ Early Access Developer Program " using those links and

I sent my info using that form:

but nobody contacted me and my request wasn’t approved.

And I’m asking what’s wrong and nobody can help me.

Dear Vadyml,
Could you please send me private message regarding this.