How to sign agreements with nvidia to get access to DRIVE AGX program

I’ve applied to this program through my company e-mail but I got a reply saying our company does not have any agreements with nvidia which is a prerequisite for the program. How can we initiate signing these agreements?


Hi manusha,

Please contact Us at
Please provide enough details, then our Account Team will review and have team assigned to reach out to you.

Unfortunately I contacted nvidia through this link around week back, but did not receive a reply.

Hi manusha,

It can take more than a week for reviews. Please stay tuned.

Second time also I got the same reply -

We reviewed your application to the program NVIDIA DRIVE™ Developer Program for DRIVE AGX, but we cannot approve your membership at this time.
Applications may only be approved with a Corporate or University email address which can be verified to have appropriate agreements on file with NVIDIA.
If you believe that you should be approved for this NVIDIA DRIVE™ Developer Program for DRIVE AGX, and you are requesting access with your Corporate or University email address, then please contact your NVIDIA Account Manager to ensure they have requested the proper email domains be approved for your access to the program.

I would like to know how to contact an account manager to get our domain approved.

Thank you

Dear manusha,
As kay said, if you want to purchase DRIVE AGX platfrom, you need to fill After reviewing your request, you will be contacted by our business development team if if your request is considered.

To enroll for NVIDIA DRIVE™ Developer Program for DRIVE AGX, you need to purchase board and sign all legal documents to get your domain added to approved list. If you already purchased board, please private message me.

Hi Siva,

Yes I filled the above mentioned form some time back and as the response I got the e-mail I mentioned in my previous comment. Could it be that the business development team is not considering my request?