NVIDIA Drive AGX Xavier Application


I have applied several times for Application for NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX SDK Developer Program in order to access to the Docs but It has been rejected with no reasons. Even can’t edit my application. Could you please mention how this issue can be figured out?

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Hi hadi.askari,

So you applied NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX SDK Developer Program | NVIDIA Developer to be the member but no any response?

Yes, correct. Besides, I need to get the Docs regarding the Virtualization Technology that I’ve no idea how I can get it.

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I got the following answer after applying, although I have been using my university email address:

We reviewed your application to the program NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX SDK Developer Program, but we cannot approve your membership at this time.

Applications may only be approved with a Corporate or University email address which can be verified to have appropriate agreements on file with NVIDIA.

If you believe that you should be approved for this NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX SDK Developer Program, and you are requesting access with your Corporate or University email address, then please contact your NVIDIA Account Manager / Representative to ensure they have requested the proper email domains be approved for your access to the program.

Hi @hadi.askari,

Have you already contacted your nvidia rep for this? What’s his response? Thanks.