Developer Program Joining Failed

Our professor tried to join the Nvidia Agx Drive Developer Program using his educational mail having “@edu” at the end. But unfortunately his request was canceled saying they only accept University or Corporate mail. Dont know where was the fault.

After that, we tried to reach your sales team by filling up “Contact Us form” but even after filling up the all mandatory fields the “Submit Button” didnt work, i mean we clicked it several times but we were unable to submit the application.

What could be the solution for this ? Is there any other way we could contact your Sales team?
We need to reach your Sales team as fast as possible.

Best Regards
Tasnemul Hasan Nehal

Dear Tasnemul hasan nehal,
Please share the following details via private message to me. I will check with internal team

  1. Registered email ID
  2. Location and contact details

I sent you the informations as you asked. Please let me know if more information is needed to join the Nvidia Developer Program. We are eagerly waiting to join the Program . We are preparing for Formula Student Driverless. The NVidia AGX Drive of yours could be a great asset to our team.

Best Regards