I can't download!!!!

First time I create my account with my personal email, because I can’t be the member of the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program,so I changed my account with my company email, and I log in with my company email,but I can’t download. How can I do?


Dear jianganyong,
Are you member of https://developer.nvidia.com/DRIVE-AGX-program. If so, you can download SDKManager at https://developer.nvidia.com/drive/downloads

I not a member of https://developer.nvidia.com/DRIVE-AGX-program, Because when I first create my account, I used my personal email, I received a email as below:

"Hi, andrew jiang,

We reviewed your application to the program NVIDIA DRIVE™ Developer Program for DRIVE AGX, but we cannot approve your membership at this time.

Applications may only be approved with a Corporate or University email address which can be verified to have appropriate agreements on file with NVIDIA.

If you believe that you should be approved for this NVIDIA DRIVE™ Developer Program for DRIVE AGX, and you are requesting access with your Corporate or University email address, then please contact your NVIDIA Account Manager to ensure they have requested the proper email domains be approved for your access to the program.

Many Thanks."

so I changed my NVIDIA Account Email to my Corporate email address, and I also received a email:
Hello ayjiang,

You requested to use a different email address to access your NVIDIA account.

A message has been sent to jianganyong@saicmotor.com to validate this change. If you did not request this change to your account, please contact NVIDIA Customer Care at 1 (800) 797-6530.
but now I still can’t be the member of https://developer.nvidia.com/DRIVE-AGX-program, How can I do?


Dear jiangyong,
Just to confirm, did you purchase DRIVE AGX platform and finished legal formalities? If so, could you please private message me the details

Hi jiangyong,

Have you managed to resolve the download issue?