Autonomous driving software Platform

Does Nvidia sell an AV stack (autonomous driving software platform) for research purpose at universities? If yet then who I can contact for a license?

Hi st164439,

The DRIVE AGX Developer Kit is available exclusively for members of the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program for DRIVE AGX. Your company or university must have current legal agreements on file. Please contact your NVIDIA Representative (or contact us) to ensure necessary agreements have been signed before requesting to join the program. Users may only join with a corporate or university email address; register for the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program for DRIVE AGX.

Hi Kayccc,
Thanks for your information. We are looking for a complete AV stacks which is able to handle different traffic scenarios (for example: overtaking, lane change, emergency braking…ADAS functionalities) for our simulation testing project.
Is Nvidia Drive Software the one which we are looking for?
Thank you.

Yes, please visit NVIDIA DRIVE - Autonomous Vehicle Development Platforms | NVIDIA Developer for more information.

Thanks for your suggestion.
I need some information for my consideration. Could you please support?

  1. We need a complete software stack that runs on the PC so that we can develop our testing technique. Do we need any special hardware to install the AV stack?
  2. Is NVIDIA Drive an open source platform or what license do I need to use the software?
  3. Do you have any documents or user manual regarding the features of the NVIDIA AV stack?
  4. I know that NVIDIA has the NVIDIA DRIVE SIM and DRIVE Constellation AV for virtual and simulation testing. We are currently using the Virtual Test Drive (VTD) as the simulator at my department. We would like to know if NVIDIA DRIVE provide standard/public API or Interface to build the bridge communication between NVIDIA DRIVE stack with an external simulator?
    Thank you.

Hi Kayccc,

I have filled and submitted the form of NVIDIA DRIVE™ Developer Program for DRIVE AGX Membership but the approval pending for quite a long time. Is there any way to check if is there any problems?