Allied Vision releases Alvium Camera Kit for Jetson Nano Developer Kit with huge savings

Start building your vision applications now with industrial-grade hardware and software

Allied Vision makes the integration of the Alvium cameras as easy as possible. Tailored for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit, we offer a Camera Starter Kit, including everything needed to start developing.

Order your Alvium Camera Kit HERE

Why you should buy the Camera Kit:

  • Start working with the Alvium camera and all essential accessories right away
  • Get easily started with our pre-configured SD card image with included CSI-2 driver

What does the Camera Kit contain?

  • Small and lightweight 5 megapixel CSI-2 camera: Alvium 1500 C-500c
  • All essential accessories: tripod adapter, lens, CSI-2 flex cables
  • Adapter for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit

Unique ASIC for industrial embedded vision

The Alvium camera series is an innovative camera platform that combines the advantages of embedded sensor modules with the performance of industrial cameras for image processing: extensive functions for image correction and optimization, a large selection of state-of-the-art sensors, intelligent energy management, and a cost-optimized and compact design. The camera series is based on ALVIUM® technology, an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) with integrated Image Signal Processor (ISP) and Image Processing Library (IPL).

The Alvium 1500 Series - Embedded vision made easy

The Alvium 1500 series is the perfect camera for easy hardware and software integration in embedded applications. Software integration can be done via Video4Linux2 (V4L2) to GStreamer and OpenCV, or direct register access. Open source drivers for selected processor architectures are provided for V4L2 support, enabling easy integration and fast go-to-market on the customer side. This drastically reduces development time for customers. The image pre-processing functionalities can be configured directly on the ISP in the camera.

Order your Alvium Camera Kit now – 229$ / 199€!

How to get started with the Alvium Camera Kit for Jetson Nano Developer Kit