Allied Vision releases new Embedded Vision Starterkit with MVTec Halcon software

Allied Vision offers new embedded vision starter kit with MVTec Halcon software for $ 229!

The Embedded Vision Starterkit is the ideal entrance into industrial image processing on embedded vision platforms.

  • Start working right away with our perfectly matched package of hardware and software.
  • Benefit from the high image quality of Allied Visions 1.2 Megapixel CSI-2 camera Alvium 1500 C-120 with the powerful ON Semi AR0135CS CMOS Sensor.
  • Thanks to Plug and Play, the image processing applications based on MVTec HALCON can be directly tried out.

The Embedded Vision Starterkit will be available with the release of MVTec’s new HALCON 20.11 version as well as Allied Vision’s CSI-2 driver for NVIDIA JetPack 4.4 SDK beginning November 20, 2020.

Pre-order your Embedded Vision Starterkit today and be one of the first to get the kit!

Visit our website to order the kit online - for $ 229!