Setting up allied vision Alvium 1500 C - 500c embedded camera with Jetson Nano B01 development kit

Hi everyone,

I am writing to request a pre-configured SD card image with included CSI-2 driver for the Alvium camera 1500 C-500c, as explained in the following video, How to set up the Alvium Camera Kit for Jetson Nano in 10 steps - YouTube.
I am working on a project that requires me to integrate this camera with the Jetson Nano B01 developer kit.
I tried installation following the weblinks given here GitHub - alliedvision/linux_nvidia_jetson: Allied Vision CSI-2 camera driver for NVIDIA Jetson Systems. Currently supporting Nano, TX2, AGX Xavier, and Xavier NX. Support for TX2 NX coming soon., Vimba SDK for machine vision cameras - Allied Vision and

However, I am facing several issues, and I am unable to complete the installation. Therefore, kindly help me with a download link to the pre-configured SD card image.

hello vishaltripathi,

it’s available through Jetson Download Center,
for example,

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