Jetson Nano Setup and Installation


  1. I was wondering if the setup of Nano is the same as AGX xavier and Jetson TX2?
    Previously I were using SDK manager to setup and flash the agx xavier and tx2 but for Nano I used this link:
    Getting Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer
    later I saw somewhere that they used SDK manager to setting up the Nano.
  2. If it is possible, how it can be done? How the SD card can be flashed and configured through SDK manager? would you please share a link or tutorial.
  3. Would you be please share an instruction or link about hoe to flash jetson nano?

Thank you

  1. SDK manager: totally same steps, Simply choose Jetson nano developer kit. Find you have 2GB or 4GB.
    You can use the link and the sdk manager as well.
  2. You should choose that you have a developer kit or production module while SDK manager running.
    Production modules do not have SD card, instead eMMC.
  3. Use the link to use pre-built SD image, and SDK manager as AGX or TX2.

Thanks for the quick reply.
2) if I choose to setup the Nano using SDK manager, I have to enter the SD card into my host machine to be processed, is that correct? this the main different from agx xavier and tx2, since they don’t need SD card, right?
3) Previously, To install a camera driver I made some changes to Image file and reboot the Nano, but after that the screen is not coming up, it is like below image. I plog-out and plog-in the Nano’s power again but the screen remained the same. So I think I need to flash the Nano.
I saw some tutorials on youtube about flashing Nano, they were using SDK manager and l4t through this link
BUT I can not use SDK manager due to some reasons. You mentioned I can use this link to flash the nano (Getting Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer). Is it going to be the same as setting up nano from beginning?

I would appreciate I you could reply as soon as possible.
Thank you

Sdcard is on nano when sdkmanager flashes it, not on your host.

Thank you.
How about the question 3?


It is a question that has no direct answer. I don’t know what did you change with that “camera driver “.

No, my question is:
Is the flashing progress using this link (Getting Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer) is like setting up nano from beginning? Is there any different step I need to do for flashing?

You don’t need to follow the method to use sdcard image.

If you already knew how to use sdkmanager, then just use sdkmanager.

Ok, let me explain my experience as the solution to this discussion:
There are 2 ways for setting up and installation of jetson devices, using SD card image method or NVIDIA SDK manager method. SDK manager can work for all types of jetson devices but the SD card method is specially for Nano and NX. Check this archive link:

For Nano, it is easier and more straight forward to use SD card method, using this link:

Flashing Jetson Nano (the SD card) can be done through above link, the Etcher step, and the next steps are the same as setting up Nano for the first time. Flashing Nano can be done through SDK manager as well, like what we do for AGX xavier and TX2.
Setting up Nano for first time takes about 30 minutes and flashing it takes about 10 minutes (using SD card method).

And just something more to tell here

Sdcard image won’t update the device as sdkmanger does. The bootloader firmware on the board is stored inside QSPI flash but not sdcard, so if you only change sdcard image (<= jp4.4.1), then the bootloader software won’t be updated.

But sdkmanager will flash QSPI too.

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