AMD Phenom system.

hi, all.
unfortunattly, s870 didn’t work on my system(Opteron + NVIDIA nForce4 Professional 2200/2050). so i determine to buy a new system.

i think using phenom-x4 9850. but i can’t select mother board. cause, worry about crash on mother board with s870, like my last system.

are there the user using phenom system? could i see your system specification?

I am using a Phenom 9500 CPU installed in a Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5 motherboard with 8GB of RAM. I’m not using the Tesla cards, but I do have a pair of 8800 GTX cards in this system. I run the system headless with Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 and CUDA 2.0 (CUDA 1.1 also worked fine), with compute jobs using both cards simultaneously.

If you get this motherboard, definitely be sure reflash it with the latest BIOS from Gigabyte. I had OS stability problems after installing the second 8800 GTX card until I did that.

NVIDIA does provide a Tesla compatible systems list:

Interesting to see that these cards have to be tested against each system for stability.

Why cant these TESLA cards just work with any system that has PCI-E, supported OS and CUDA on it ?

Why do we have standards in the first place? I wonder why. Can some1 throw some light?

Hopefully Tesla does not turn your Phenom into a venom… :-(

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Well, I think you miss the point of a compatibility list. Such a list is merely a list that the manufacturer has tested themselves against compatibility. And then you should think in terms of :

  • it fits
  • it has all cables that need to be attatched
  • the PSU is powerful enough
  • etc.

The situation with the S870 is different. There is no need to worry about the PSU ( it has its own) and the card that goes in the system is a small low-profile PCI-e.

The problem is usually in the system BIOS. The BIOS is not expecting to find 2 or 4 1.5GB cards on the other side of a PCI-e switch/bridge. This is why there is a list of certified systems.