Tesla compatibility Tesla C870, D870 compatibility problem

Hello all,

I just got replies from Nvidia customer care that the Tesla C870 and D870 is not compatible with
Dell Precision 490 or Dell Precision T7400 (which we are about to purchase).
But I think when the customer representative said ‘not compatible’ it meant
‘we dont know if it works unless someone try it out first and tell us’.

And I think I saw a post somewhere that they got Tesla C870 working and it wasnt Dell
Precision 690!

Has anyone used Tesla C870 or D870 with the machines not on the compatibility list
and got successfult results? If you have, could you also specifically mention the
computer (with all configurations) and the OS (Fedora core 6, etc) please?




The compatible platform list indicates that these are the platforms that NVIDIA has already tested for compatibility with Tesla products. This list is continuously increasing and we can’t possibly test all the workstations and systems that are out there.

If the system you want is not on the list, you can submit a request to us (via your sales person, distributor) and we will try to test it. Or just try it.


Yes, thank you for the answer.

We are considering buying Tesla C870 for our current workstation (Precision 490)

and if we get substantial performance gain, it’s likely that we will be purchasing

Tesla D870 along with Precision T7400

(or two C870 cards to put in T7400. The customer representative said that two

C870 performs similar to the D870)

But I want to make sure that the producst work before buying!

I should submit a request for a test on Precision 490.