hardware for C870

Dear All,

does someone know if there is any reason why a C870 would not work with any of these workstations?:

Dell Precision T3400, HP xw4600 (these workstations are not in the list of hardware tested with C870)

I’m asking since I have a C870 card and I’m looking for the appropriate hardware for the card but without incurrying in any excesive expenses (at the moment I can not afford a Dell precision T7400 :( , I plan to use any of these workstations with windows (still to decide vista or XP).

best regards and thanks for any comments


Frankly, I dont know…

But it may have to do with “Power” and “Cooling”.

Check out if these boxes comply with the power and cooling requirements of the tesla card

I’m not sure you can find Vista-compatible driver for Tesla.

C870 requires ~180W of power so check if your PSU allows for it. If it does – you can try it.

Number of power connectors–C870 requires two PCIe 6-pin connectors, these probably only have one.

Hi All,

thanks for your answers, I found out that I made a mistake, actually an HP xw4600 workstation is compatible with a C870, it’s in nvidia’s list of tested hardware, it has two PCIx16 slots and it’s possible to get it with windows XP, and the $$$ is OK.