An alternative to Painter using the power of Cuda for simulations

Hello dear community.

I am an “artist”, currently using all kinds of creative softwares to produce things.
And i notice that these softwares are in a dead end at the time, especially “the” Corel Painter. I have a little background in programming from the old days, though quite rusty.
My question here is: could Cuda be a must in designing an alternative software to it?

Painter’s speciality is basically real world brushes and paint simulation. Capable for example of emulating watercolors by creating simulations that take into consideration the type of virtual paper you use, all that by taking the inputs of a Wacom like environnment.

The problems:
Painter is extremely laggy
Its interface is old and anti intuitive
Crashing is its second nature, so much that many users have not even installed the last version

The idea ?
Wouldn’t it be possible to leave all the simulation part to a Cuda enhanced environnment?

Of course it is possible - CUDA can be used for graphics processing software. As far as I know some of the products out there use it already (but I dunno which). As CUDA is a technology used in modern NVidia GPUs it is all natural to think of using it for graphics :)


Hmm, if you think painter is laggy maybe upgrade that PC of yours. ;) Faster CPU, enough RAM, maybe a SSD.

I don’t really see how physical brush simulation would by limited by the speed of modern CPUs (intel Core etc.), as touching the canvas will always affect only a small area of the screen and hence the amount of computation is limited - even if it involves some kind of physics emulation (e.g. mixing of colors, simulation of thickness of color on the canvas and such). Also Painter 12 now makes use of multiple CPU cores.

If you think Corel Painter lags and crashes too much, maybe try a recent ArtRage version. I currently own both Painter Lite and ArtRage Pro 3.

CUDA (or OpenCL) could be indeed useful for running even more advanced physics models, say for running a full fluid simulation on the canvas for water, acrylic and oil paint - including drops of exess color running down on the canvas.

Thank you for your replys people =).
As you mentionned, Cuda could have great applications in enhancing the realism of some painting technics.
About painter, my main critic is about its crashes (the version 12 especially) and its ergonomy.
When i see tiny painting programs like Procreate on ipad, in a touch environnment, i can’t help but thinking that painter is an old dinosaur in terms of painting experience.

Also, if the program was taking advantage of Cuda, it would maybe make you have to not invest so much in pricey components, as the workload is divided better between the Cpu and the Gpu.

I think i will start putting my hands into the dirt to figure all that out. I guess that the best would be to start reading generalities about cuda programming.