An issue of flashing NANO

After the NANO module burns the system, it cannot be started normally and has been stuck in the “NVIDIA” logo interface. After research and development, it is found that it is related to the NANO module. The problem module needs to burn additional QSPI before it can work normally.

Why do I have to burn the QSPI system to work properly.

Hi li_wei_qi,

Are you using the devkit or custom board?

If this Jetson Nano module could work normally after re-flash QSPI, it means some data in EEPROM has been modified before so that flash script could not find the right configurations for the board.

I will add that most embedded systems (like Jetsons) do not have a BIOS. The BIOS of a regular PC will set up clocks and power rails in the proper order, and “train” various timings, e.g., memory. An actual BIOS has its own microprocessor and software. Systems without this work entirely on software (though they do have the BPMP, or Boot Power Management Processor).

In an eMMC model there are a lot of partitions other than the actual root filesystem. Those partitions are a combination of everything the BIOS would do, plus bootloader. An SD card model puts the equivalent of the BIOS in the QSPI. Without this “software based BIOS substitute” (my term), and using actual hardware, the cost and power consumption would both go up. There is no eMMC on the SD card model, and much of the “BIOS” function is in that QSPI.

It isn’t unheard of for a PC motherboard to need a BIOS flash for some feature or function to work. Unlike a PC which can be “bricked” if the BIOS itself fails to boot, a Jetson will never be “bricked” since the flash logic is on the host PC during the flash (no BIOS implies no self-flash). It also means though that when the rootfs expects a more modern BIOS that the BIOS (in this case for an SD card model) must be flashed…but it is QSPI memory, not an eMMC partition, and not an actual BIOS.

A full flash of any Jetson (including eMMC models) could be considered a simultaneous o/s install, bootloader install, and BIOS update (at least the equivalent of a BIOS).

Hi KevinFFF,
Thanks for your reply.
I used the Jetson Nano module.

Hi Linuxdev,
Thanks for your support.
I will check this issue.

Hi KevinFFF,
My board is Jetson Nano Developer Kit.
This is a new Nano Developer Kit and I did any thing on EEPROM.

Hi li_wei_qi,

There’s might be uncomplete pre-installed image.
Do you have any other issue after re-flash the board?

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