Android devlopment for Nvidia devices

I would like to know how can I utilize Nvidia technologies in my Android project?

As Android is a an OS and Nvidia provides processing units namely Nvidia Tegra 2 and Nvidia Tegra 3,
If I develop an application for non Nvidia processor device, will there be any performance issue to run it on a Nvidia Tegra 2 or Tegra 3 device?

while you can always optimize for a specific hardware platform, tegra provides better or at worst comparable performance in most real-world situations

grab tadp ( and start developing!

I just need to do kernel development; I am not doing any app development (yet). All of the materials I have seen thus far for Nvidia seem centered on application development.
I am developing on a Kai tablet (Android version 4.1.1, Kernel version 3.1.10): how would I go about rebuilding the kernel for this? Just use stock Android Jelly Bean from google? If so, what release & manifest?


Hi David -

You should be able to acquire kernel sources for Kai from whomever you obtained the Kai device from.

If this is impossible, a Nexus7 might be a better development platform for you as the sources are available for that.


You can just simply get the device name using InputDevice from android instead of using CPU name…
That’s what I did on my project.
Hope this help.