Clarification help needed

Hi all, I am fairly new to android, and been trying to program in java and eclipse which brought me to the edge of nervous breakdown. So far I’ve been working with direct x c++ and visual studio, and this Tegra Android Development Pack seem acceptable and natural since I am user of nvidia products 10 years or so, however I am interested in creating android games for tegra based devices as well as non tegra based devices, so I was wondering if this is possible at all using this pack.
Any help is appreciated.

Yes - all devices are supported for development.

Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition is limited to CPU/gdb debugging on Tegra devices only, mainly due to licensing issues, but the .apk files you build will work on any Android device.

PerfHUD ES and Tegra Profiler are specific to Tegra HW.

Hope this helps!