General questions about device support


a few years ago when Nsight Tegra Visual Studio Edition was released I was extremely impressed that finally some real native c/c++ on-device debugging was possible and not from some crappy pile of turd ide, but from visual studio. Years later, I want to do some android/ios development and yesterday I tried Android Studio. I think this IDE is total fail and I would like to try again nsight tegra visual studio edition.

I did’t buy an android device yet (I want to get Nexus 5x, as I need something not top of the line performing device for my purposes), but I’m not sure at all if I’d be able to use Nsight tegra with this phone.

What features are available for regular androids and what extra features are available for ntegra devices?

Can I debug on device with nexus 5x, is there any profiling tool available (I’m mainly interested in cpu profiler, not GPU)?

Hi mtlroom,

You can use NT VSE to develop and debug application on non-Tegra devices, like Nexus 5X and others.
Now the tool’s feature set is the same for all compatible Android devices.
It’s best to have a device that’s running Android 4.4+, with properly working run-as or su utilities.

The sampling CPU profiler is a separate tool that has a dedicated support forum, I suggest you to ask there about it’s compatibility with Nexus 5X: