Just install NSight for Android Dev on VS 2015, and it works (just sayin)

I’ve fought with Eclipse and ADT on Linux for years. I get it to work if I install DS5-CE for debugging, but it’s slow, and the IDE is subpar, even Mars.

I picked up VS 2015 Pro (upgraded from 2013, been using VS since 4.2 on Windows 95), and so I decided to try the new NSight for Android on VS 2015.

Now, I’ve only tried the Hello World Demo (which has one Native C++ function), but that was the most straight forward, simplest setup I’ve found yet. It simply worked correctly, on the first attempt - and, for Android development environments that’s simply amazing.

We have expected that for Windows development in VS, and from XCode on MAC (it’s tendency to crash aside, it does work when installed without hassle), but I have never simply been able to setup an Android development environment and get it to work without hours or days of wrangling and researching.

Albeit I’ve not done much with it yet - but I just had to say what an amazing thing to see happen. This may very well be the best Android development setup I’ve seen or had available thus far.

Hi JVene,

I am glad you like Nsight Tegra, but this forum is for Nsight Visual Studio, maybe you need to post in Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio section: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/board/82/nsight-tegra-visual-studio-edition/