No NVIDIA Tegra Device After Installing AndroidWorks and Nsight Tegra

I just downloaded and installed the entire AndroidWorks. When I open Visual Studio 2013, Instead of seeing anything like the image in this link:
My Device toolbar is empty.
I’m on Windows 8.1.

hi Jilinger,
Do you connect you device to your machine? I assume yes. Could you open cmd and type “adb devices” to check it? If there is no device listed. It should be USB driver issue. You reinstall the USB driver by following the instruction in /Drivers/How to Install Driver.pdf


The link I referred to did not give any indication, or suggestion, that a hardware device was required.
It simply ended with the following, and an image of what the toolbar should look like. You can view the link to see the image.

First Use
After installing both AndroidWorks and Nsight Tegra, open Visual Studio, and you will see that the NVIDIA Tegra Device Toolbar has been added.
You can now begin using Nsight Tegra to debug your Android applications.

Can I hear from an nViia rep?

hi Jillinger,

Android device is required when debugging. Tegra device is prefered, if not, you can create an virtual device by /AVD Manager.exe.


I did run an android emulator, which showed up in the device toolbar.
It’s just that I was expecting to see the device toolbar displaying what I saw in the tutorial. Usually when I follow a tutorial, if I don’t get the same results as the tutorial, I figure something must be wrong, so I set about trying to fix it. You’re telling me everything is OK, then I will just move along then. Thanks