NSight install questions

I am trying to install this as a means to develop Android apps and am having problems.
I have VS2010 installed but the NSight installer indicates that it will not install because I do not have a graphics driver installed. My development PC does not have nVidia hardware. Does this mean I cannot use this tool?

Will the APKs produced by this tool run on non-Tegra equipped Android devices?
Will the APKs produced by this tool run on versions of Android lower than 4.0?


Please make sure you are installing Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition. The installer for this product is included in the Tegra Android Developer Pack. For more information see https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-nsight-tegra.

I believe you are mistakenly installing Nsight, Visual Studio Edition which is for windows developers targeting D3D, OpenGL, and CUDA.

I accessed the installer using the same link that you just provided and I see this on the page:

Step 1: Download required NVIDIA display driver for your target development environment
Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 2.2 requires version 301.42 or newer of the NVIDIA Display Driver.

Hence my question regarding possible requirement for nVidia hardware
I got to that page by clicking the link for the Windows download:

That link came from the line: Download directly for Windows, OSX, Linux/32 and Linux/64 (requires Tegra Registered Developer Program membership).

Sorry for being such a newb here…

So I downloaded the following file:


The install proceeded fine but when I go into VS2010 I see some NVIDIA options but there is no option to create an Android solution similar to what I saw in the videos that you have provided to demonstrate the product.

Any help would be greatly appreciated since I am looking forwa to working with this product.

That is the wrong file sadly. Just install the Nsight >>TEGRA<< package
There is
NVidia Nsight Visual Studio Edition
NVidia NSight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition

You need the latter. See
Tegra Android Developer Pack 2.0r2

I have a Radeon Card and it works fine for me. No need for Nvidia GFX Card.

you have a radeon card! ;-)

@bob - can you walk me through the steps that led you from here -

to the desktop (non-tegra) version? I’m unable to duplicate your path