Unable to install Nsight Tegra

I am trying and failing to install Nsight Tegra (tegra-devpack-2.0-windows-2013-02-06-14961502.exe). When it fails it doesn’t seem to give any indication as to why.

Half way through the download I see a pop-up dialog titled “Windows Installer” which starts with “Windows Installer. V 5.0.7601.17512”. Clicking Ok on this dialog brings up an error message:

“Nsight Tregra installation failed, please check \nsight-tegra.log. You can send it to TegraDeveloperPack-Users@nvidia.com if you can not resolve it”. I emailed the this address a few days ago but am yet to hear back.

I actually see this repeated twice during the installation as the Windows Installer later appears followed by the same error message. Has anyone else seen this?

I am running Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) and have Visual Studio 2010 with Service Pack 1 installed. I have also tried this on two other machines with the same result. I believe they were running the same OS and VS 2010.

I’m experiencing the same problem.
The download goes as expected but the installation cancels and refers to the log (nsight-tegra.log).

I’ve looked at it but couldn’t directly tell why it failed.
The last item that got processed by the installer was:

I’m running W8 64bit (even tried compatibility mode Windows7) using Visual Studio 2010 Professional with Service Pack 1 installed as well.

Thanks in progress

I just installed it again yesterday with no issue. I’d disable any virus scanner or firewalls and then retry.

I resolved my problem by extracting the tegra nsight & tegra profiler installer files from the download folder. At the end of the installation, it still gave me the following error messages (regardless of virus scanner/firewall checks):

“Nsight Tegra installation failed" -> check log
“Tegra profiler installation failed" -> check log

Manually installing both installers after the initial installation of the tegra-devpack did the trick.
Strange situation but it works.

Someone else had the same problem and heard back to NVidia. They advised to manually install both installers as well. This worked for me. These are the instructions they sent:

  1. run the installer again
  2. select nsight tegra and tegra profiler only
  3. stop when “Download component” finished
  4. go to %installdir%/tadp_download
  5. run the two msi for nsight tegra and tegra profiler manually

I am still unable to install the latest Nsight Tegra (NVIDIA_Nsight_Tegra_Release_1.1.1.13034.msi), no matter if the setup is started manually or through the Developer Pack.
The problem discussed in the thread “[Hint]Installation Problems (on Non-English Windows)” remains.
The NVIDIA Nsight Tegra Setup reports an error when applying security settings because Users is not a valid user group. I can’t just add groups and users to them since I am using Windows 7 Home Premium. And further more the language version is German.

What can be done in this case?
Does NVIDIA even want to fix this?

Olaf Engelke posted some commands you can run from the Command Prompt to create User groups in Windows 7 Home Premium. Maybe that’d work for you?

NVIDIA_Nsight_Tegra_Release_1.1.1.13034.msi is a little old. you can try the latest one.