Can't get Nsight Tegra on pc

After a few hours trying and factory resetted my pc I ask this question hire.

I get: The selected items: Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition 3.4.16231.3325 Missing external dependencies may cause the error of installation: * Microsoft Visual Studio.

Installing Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition 3.4.16231.3325 failed.
Return Code: 2
Cannot detect Visual Studio (2010,2012,2013,2015) on your system.
Please install Visual Studio first to support install Nsight Tegra.

I think this is strange because I have already installed Visual Studio 2017. It seems like it is very hard to obtain the older versions. I keep ending up with the 2017 version.
Also strange that I need a older version of Visual Studio?

I hope some one can help me with this problem.

If you find a solution, please let me know. I’m having the same issue.

Found the solution.
You really have to download the 2015 version of Visual Studio.

Found the 2015 download on this site.

Thanks! Lets hope they’ll support version 2017 soon.

7 GB of old version of Visual studio 2015 – weeeeeee cant wait. I hope Nvidia is making full use of the 7gb of whatever it is
in the end the link above to DL visual studio goes into a loop leading to 2017. is maybe a better link thou’

I’ve been fighting with Codeworks for Android / Nsight Tegra to get it installed with Visual Studio 2017 for several weeks, I finally got it to work. If you try to install Codewords for Android 1R7 you will get an installation error for Nsight Tegra (Return code 2, like the previous comment) saying it cannot find Visual Studio, even though 2017 is installed. You need to install the Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition version 3.5 package directly and it seems to work. Then you can run the Codeworks installer to install the other packages.

Nvidia- You should correct the Codeworks 1R7 installer, thank you!

Dear JamesThrush,

Great thank you for sharing.
We will check the Codeworks 1R7 installer. Thanks again.