[ANNOUNCE] Tegra Android Development Pack 2.0r3 Available

The Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP) is the perfect companion for developing native Android applications, installing all of the software tools required to optimize for NVIDIA’s Tegra platform.

Tegra Android Development Pack 2.0r3 is updated with support for Android NDK r8b and all the latest Tegra development tools, including Nsight Tegra, Tegra Profiler and PerfHUD ES.

To download TADP, you must be a member of the Tegra Registered Developer Program https://developer.nvidia.com/tegra-registered-developer-program. To join simply create a new account (it’s free and easy) and then visit Develop for Tegra https://developer.nvidia.com/develop-tegra or the Tegra Resources https://developer.nvidia.com/tegra-resources page and download the version of TADP for your platform.

Android Development:
• Android SDK r21.0.1
• Android APIs
• Android NDK r8d
• Google USB Driver
• Android Support Library
• JDK 6u24
• Cygwin 1.7
• Eclipse 4.2.1, CDT 8.1.1, ADT 21.0.1
• Apache Ant 1.8.2

Tegra Libraries and Tools:
• Nsight Tegra 1.1, Visual Studio Edition [Windows Only]
• NVIDIA Debug Manager for Eclipse 12.0.1
• PerfHUD ES 1.9.8
• Tegra Profiler 1.2
• OpenCV for Tegra 2.4.3
• PhysX 3.2 for Android
• Tegra Samples, Docs and OS Images

The pack provides sample applications, support libraries and updated documentation for the following Android game development topics:
• Pure native gaming on Android with NativeActivity
• Getting Android application lifecycle just right
• Tips for (and benefits of) mixing a little Java into your native Android game for better integration
• Supporting game controllers, sensors, multi-touch and device rotation


where is the change list for this version ? any of your pages (tegra profiler, nsight tegra or perhud es) are updated ??