Animating Three.JS with audio2face JSON

Can anyone help me point me in the right direction to convert audio2face JSON data into an AnimationClip or similar I can use in Three.js? I would like to load audio2face data into Three.js and play the animation. Data I have from audio2face looks like this:
“numPoses”: 46,
“numFrames”: 183,
“facsNames”: […], // array of strings of names
“weightMat”: [
[0,1.1,…], …

Hi @synergyseekers ,
I have no experience on three.js, but just from a quick glance, it seems like three.js has the morph target system that can represent blendshape animation from audio2face.
I think you can use/convert the weightMat in the json file as morphTargetInfluence in three.js, right?
FYI, weightMat contains the blendshape weights of 46 shapes on each frame.