Blendshape Data Conversion resutls amost zero values

Hi, I am trying to learn audio2face. I can use the A2F Data Conversion, however, the generated values are almost zeros.
One human-like face with custom blendshapes
Expected output: audio with generated custom blendshape weights from A2f Data Conversion.

  1. Character Transfer → Add SKIN TEMPLATES

  2. import human-like face.use to the Stage. Then, Character Transfer → CHARACTER SETUP, choose my impoted mesh and Click Setup Characeter.

  3. Character Transfer->SKIN MESHS, set correspodnence, begin mesh fitting, begin post warp.

  4. Audio2Face Tool, Add A2f PiPELINE and attach to the a2fTemplates/mark. Play the audio, my human-like face looks very similar to the mark.

Then I want to exploit A2F Data Conversion to generate custom blendshape weights.

5)A2F Data Conversion-> Set Input Anim Mesh as /World/transfer_characeter/Mesh_result, Set Blendshape Mesh as my original Mesh. Then, SET UP BLENDSHAPE SOLVE.
Finnaly, EXPORT AS JSON. I can get one json file, however, the sovled blendshape values are almost zero. This is not correct, because my human-like face can open face in the A2F Audio2Face play mode.

Do you have any suggestions to debug this?

sovled by tuning the parameters. For example, the weight regularization parameter is set to 0.001 while others are 0.001, 0.1, 0.1

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