Announcement: cuda-api-wrappers 0.6.7 released

Hello fellow CUDA’ers,

I’ve released a new version of cuda-api-wrappers , my lightweight, Modern-C++, header-only wrapper library for CUDA.

Changes since 0.6.3, announced in May:

  • Support for registering read-only memory regions
  • Improved sanity/validity checks in debug mode
  • Using an extra opportunity to check for errors after kernel launchs
  • Build system tweaks
  • Compatibility:
    • Avoiding some warnings with newer compilers
    • CMake versions 3.25-3.28 (and hopefully later) supported
    • Windows: Building with the profiling header, use of cooperative groups
  • Some minor bug fixes

As usual, and since I’m the sole developer - user feedback is very much appreciated, either as issues you can file or a simple email with questions, suggestions, or just sharing the experiences of using the wrappers on some project.

In particular, I am almost done with my work on wrapping the CUDA Execution Graph API, which is yet unreleased; and that needs beta-testing and feedback the most.

Also, I have some design dilemmas I’m pondering in the issues page, so feel free to chime in about those.