Announcement: cuda-api-wrappers 0.6 released

Hello fellow CUDAers,

I’ve released a new version of cuda-api-wrappers, my lightweight, Modern-C++, header-only wrapper library for CUDA.

The main new feature and the reason for bumping the version from 0.5.x to 0.6.x is that the wrappers now cover NVIDIA’s PTX compilation library - in addition to the CUDA Runtime, Driver, RTC and Toolkit Extensions libraries.

Since 0.5, the library has become header-only, and has gotten several bug fixes, updates for newer CUDA releases, and API improvements for convenience and readability, which you can leaf over in the Changelog for the different minor-versions.

As usual, and since I’m the sole developer - user feedback is very much appreciated, either as issues you can file or a simple email with questions, suggestions, or just sharing the experiences of using the wrappers on some project.

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