Announcement: MDL SDK 2023.1.2 released

MDL SDK 2023.1.2 (373000.1755): 23 Jan 2024

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Added and Changed Features

  • General

    • libbsdf:
      • The roughness values computed by the generated auxiliary functions changed to contain
        only glossy contributions.
      • The color weights for normals and roughness in the generated auxiliary functions
        are now reduced by luminance instead of average.
  • MDL Compiler and Backends

    • Allow more direct assignments of vectors instead of element-wise assignments for HLSL.
    • Avoid unnecessary calls to functions whose values are not actually used.
    • Avoid reading whole arrays from argument blocks or read-only data segments when
      providing those arrays as function parameters. This especially improves rendering
      performance of axf_importer materials.
    • Avoid array copies when accessing arrays provided as function parameters for HLSL/GLSL.
  • MDL SDK examples

    • Add options to configure the lambda return mode and the generation of PDF and auxiliary
      functions to code_gen example.
    • Rename “-p” parameter of df_cuda example to “--cam” and use “-p” as short form
      for “--mdl_path” as in other examples.

Fixed Bugs

  • General

    • nvidia::core_definitions: Fixed '--' in display names.
    • Fixed type computation of ternary operator in MDL SDK/neuray.
  • MDL Compiler and Backends

    • Fixed a rare crash that could happen in an MDL module imports other modules and
      import the same module (diamond pattern).
    • Fixed default constructor of enum values which sometimes did not choose
      the first enumerator as default value.