Announcement: MDL SDK 2023.1.4 released

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Added and Changed Features

  • General

    • Added a linker script on Linux that hides all defined symbols except for the factory symbol(s).
  • MDL SDK examples

    • Updated OptiX 7 example to support up to OptiX SDK 8.0.0.
    • Example AXF to MDL
      • Added support for AxF 1.9 sheen for SVBRDF representation.
      • Improved compatibility for refracting carpaint representation.
      • Improved mapping of Cook-Torrance spreads (used for non-measured BRDF fallback
        and flake orientation).
    • Example Execution GLSL:
      • Added enable/disable SSBO and noise function remap by command line arguments.

Fixed Bugs

  • General

    • Fixed a crash if IMdl_resolved_resource_element::create_reader() returns nullptr.
      This might be due to an incorrect user implementation, or in legitimate cases, e.g.,
      if the file disappeared between resolving and the query.
    • Fixed a memory leak involving the interface pointer used with the context option
  • MDL Compiler and Backends

    • Fixed inconsistent storing and reading of matrix material parameters in target
      argument blocks for the native backend.
    • Avoid warnings about unsupported PTX features for native backend.
    • Don’t let LLVM abort at shutdown, when writing to stderr fails.
    • mdltlc: Fixed error in pattern matching of material nodes.
    • Fixed HLSL/GLSL code generation that sometimes placed temporaries into a
      loop body that are used outside, causing invalid code.
    • Fixed crash in the core compiler that might happen on heavily malformed MDL code.
    • Prevent errors/warnings in the core compiler without line numbers
      due to internal clone operations.
    • Slightly speedup compilation in multithreaded operations.
    • Do not try to resolve empty resource URLs; Note that this is still malformed MDL code.
  • MDL SDK examples

    • Example df_vulkan
      • Fixed command line options to match other examples for --mdl_path / -p option.
    • Example AXF to MDL
      • Fixed re-coding of BRDF colors table (used in non-measured BRDF fallback).
    • Example Execution GLSL:
      • Fixed OpenGL 3.3 mode.