Another CUDA HW question...

How do I know if my PC is CUDA ready?
If it is not ready, what would be the best (cost-effective) GPU card to start CUDA programming with my current system?


If you just want to learn CUDA, there exist many choices less than $200 and some choices less than $100 for a brand-new CUDA capable GPU, of reasonably modern vintage. A benefit of starting with one of these “low end” cards, is that their system requirements will be small, meaning they will be compatible with a large percentage of the desktop PCs out there that were built in the last 10 years or so. If your desktop PC has a PCIE graphics card slot, one of these “low end” cards should work. I think a GT 1030 graphics card is a great “starter” card, and likely to work in almost any recent desktop PC. Less than $100, and has no aux power requirements.

If you want more than that, you’ll have to research power and space requirements of the GPUs you are interested in, as well as the capability of your PC, to find a match.