What is the minimum hardware required to start with CUDA ?

Hi, I’d like to learn and write my first CUDA applications, but I have an iMac (with an AMD GPU) and also a HPE Microserver (with a builtin AMD GPU too).

I understand that my hardware is not good to start with CUDA, of course, so I wonder what small Nvidia GPU i could add into my server, to do the trick, to begin with !

Do you know which NVidia GPU is the minimum to play with CUDA ?


Hi ElistonCole,

All NVIDIA devices are CUDA capable. So if all you want is something to start with that’s inexpensive, you can use a GeForce card. Though if you’re looking for higher performance and compute focused, then look to the Tesla line of products. Tesla is more expensive but focused exclusively on compute while GeForce are focused on graphics and gaming.

Note that PGI does not support GPU programming on MacOSX. Your Server will need to be running Linux or Windows.

Hope this helps,