ANSYS Fluent Execute UDFs on GPU


There is an interesting capability of ANSYS Fluent CFD code, to run user defined functions on a GPU.
I am quoting here the only available information on how to do it: (taken from ANSYS literature)

“UDFs can be compiled in ANSYS FLUENT with OpenCL support for execution on General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs) on lnamd64 and win64 platforms. To enable OpenCL support, you should use the following text user interface (TUI) command: /define/user-defined/enable-udf-on-gpu before compiling the UDF. The UDF library is linked with on lnamd64 and OpenCL.dll on win64. For execution on GPU systems, the appropriate environment variable (LD_LIBRARY_PATH on lnamd64 or %path% on win64) should be correctly set so that is loaded along with the UDF library.”

Unfortunately, I do not understand the requirement of the last sentence ("For execution on GPU systems…)
What does it mean to set %path% to OpenCL.dll? (I am working with Winx64)

Any help will be highly appreciated.
Thank you.

On 64 bit windows, the environment variables can be observed by doing: (assuming win7 here):

start… right-click on computer…properties…advanced system settings…advanced…environment variables

once you click on environment variables, you’ll see a dialog box that shows user variables and system variables. One of the system variable is “Path”, which is what is represented by %path% in your text, I believe.

If you locate the OpenCL.dll on your machine, presumably the suggestion is to make sure the path to that OpenCL.dll is included in the Path variable (which you can select and edit, if desired.)

I haven’t actually done this, and AFAIK ANSYS FLUENT is a paid/supported product, so if you’re having trouble I suggest contacting ANSYS through appropriate support channels.

Thank you very much for the reply, it was very helpful.

Though still much remains unclear.

I actually contacted ANSYS support, regarding this issue, the thing is that ANSYS does not promise any support with UDFs.

I thought maybe someone here has some experience specifically with Fluent and GPU compiling/executing.