Any published DIGITS Box with M40 benchmark data available?


Is there any published benchmark data from NVidia for DIGITS box with M40 cards? I see that the blog says there is but i can’t find where its located. Can anyone direct me to the data please?

Below is the blog that talks about benchmark data being 4X higher performance compared to TitanX.


First of all, note that that blog is over a year old. Things move fast in this space.

M40 is not 4x higher performance than Titan X, and that’s not what that blog says. That blog doesn’t reference M40 at all, that I can see.

The blog says that DIGITS DevBox (which does not use M40) is 4x faster than training on a single GPU. This claim is largely based around the fact that DIGITS DevBox has 4 (Maxwell Titan X) GPUs in it.

I’m sure there are various places on the web where M40 training times are discussed. Here is one such example:

9.6 hours - 4x M40, Caffe training alexnet with 1.3M images, 90 epochs