Application for running pretrained tflite files

I want to try the tensorflow lite model on jetson platform.
I am downloading ssd_mobilenet_v1_1_metadata_1.tflite and labelmap.txt from

Is there any gstreamer pipeline or sdk which accepts the pretrained tflite model and lable file and gives prediction in real time.
I have my camera connected with xavier nx and camera is streaming using gstreamer


Sorry for the late reply.
Do you still need help on this issue?

We have a GStreamer-based library called Deepstream SDK that should meet your requirement.

It supports standard TensorFlow (nvinferserver) that can infer the TFLite model with some conversion.
If the model can be converted into a TensorRT engine, you can also deploy with nvinfer to get better performance.


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@AastaLLL ,
Thanks for your reply ,
Is there any sample gstreamer pipeline using NVIDIA Deepstream’s nvinfer , which accepts pretrained tflite models (with some conversion)?

It would be great , if you could provide some pointers on that .

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