Application of CUDA looking for inspiration


I am looking for an idea that I could solve/implement using CUDA. It could be a classic programming problem, if it would gain a performance boost thanks to CUDA.
Image processing (i.e. filters - low pass etc.) is too simple for my needs. I need smt bigger (not necessarily more difficult :tongue: )

Please help me :thanks:

You can try to efficiently invert many small matrices in parallel. Although that probably is more difficult than a low-pass image filter…

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking about solving radiosity equations (for gfx rendering)… I hope it’s sensible ;-)

I just implemented counting all simple cycles in a graph in CUDA. It were 6 times faster than 2-core processor implementation. So you can try some integer calculations too.
Here is a few ideas:

  1. Prime searching or factorization with square sieve.
  2. Sokoban solver.
  3. Herbert solver (
  4. Match-3 game solver.
  5. Game of life simulator.

Thanks again. I was going to implement prime searching anyway! :smile:

How about radiosity? Do you think it’s appropriate for CUDA?

I think it does.