Applying slip wall conditions

I’m trying to apply a slip wall condition to a wall but I’m not sure what’s the best way to go about this. My main issue is defining the tangential flow velocity on the wall boundary. For slip walls tangential velocity should be equal to the adjacent interior flow velocity, however, I’m unsure how to pass this information as input to top_wall.boundary_bc.

My naive attempt so far:

# slip
    slipTopWall = top_wall.boundary_bc(outvar_sympy={'u': inlet_vel, 'v': 0},
                             lambda_sympy={'lambda_u': 1.0, 'lambda_v': 1.0}, 
                             criteria=Eq(y, 0.75)
    self.add(slipTopWall, name="SlipTopWall")

How should I configure the top_wall.boundary_bc to be a slip condition?

Hi, it is easy to apply slip boundary conditions in SimNet. Please take a look at the attached example for 2D flow past a cylinder with slip channel walls. (4.5 KB)

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So simple! I appreciate the response.